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Youth (un)employment: Your Europass


Youth (un)employment: Your Europass



Europass is a European tool to manage your learning and career.
Whether during your studies, while starting your first job or looking for new challenges Europass allows you to effectively communicate your skills and qualifications in Europe. The European Commission provides this service free of any charge and in 29 different languages.

Take the next step in your learning or career! Europass encourages you to take the next step in your learning or career by:

  • Helping you reflect on your current skills and experiences;
  • Presenting you with tailored and trusted learning and job opportunities across Europe;
  • Simplifying the writing of CVs and Cover Letters through editable templates;
  • Providing you with accurate information on working and learning in Europe;
  • Giving links to appropriate support networks.
With this, the European Commission supports you in reaching your full potential and finding opportunities across Europe that match your skills and experiences.

Will you try it out? Check out the links below to create your personal CV and cover letter for your application.


  • Create a profil
  • Create your CV
  • Create a cover letter

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