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Youth (un)employment: Did you know...?


Youth (un)employment: Did you know...?



In the EU, youth unemployment rates are typically higher than adult unemployment rates. Indeed, in the EU member states, the unemployment rate for 15-24 year olds is generally twice as high as the overall unemployment rate. Young people face specific challenges, often complex and interrelated. These can concern the transition from education to work, such as having insufficient work experience or not having the skills required by the labour market. In some cases young people, especially those facing multiple disadvantages, may also lack self-confidence, aspiration and motivation. The situation is even more difficult for young people with health problems or disabilities who often find it difficult to enter the labour market (source)
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Do you think Erasmus-style work placements could help solve youth unemployment?

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What do you think about the video and the idea of having Erasmus+ style work placements? Do you think it can change something?

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Youth (un)employment: Challenge yourself!
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